About us


In ancient Greece, the agorà was the main place to meet and exchange ideas: the place of participation. Inspired by this image, Agorà Scienza creates opportunities to promote the debate between the world of research and society. The aim is to develop scientific citizenship and allow everybody to actively participate in building a knowledge society.

The challenges

Knowledge is a key factor for social, cultural and economic development but can also represent an element of social exclusion. As a factory of knowledge, the university must answer to the challenge of making the production of culture and innovation an inclusive process which involves the whole community.

Since it was established, Agorà Scienza pursues the aim of spreading within the universities the awareness of their social responsibility while promoting public engagement actions to enhance the dialogue between science and society.


To build a trustworthy relationship between society and the scientific community it is essential that the researchers themselves talk about their work. Agorà Scienza offers them its expertise for planning dissemination activities, training, opportunities and events devised for bringing together different communities.

Students and teachers are the leading actors of science education projects based on their direct experience in the universities’ labs, designed to foster a more captivating and efficient learning. The interaction with researchers fascinates young people towards hot research topics and promotes scientific professions.

Gatherings and big events bring people of all ages in close contact with research. They allow the citizens to make informed choices to join the debate on challenges of the future.

Involving institutions, organizations, companies and media is of the greatest importance to make research the key factor of development and innovation along with the values, the needs and the expectations of the community.