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Scienza Attiva (Active Science) is a project of science education addressed to high schools, whichcontrives to engage at the same time students, teachers and researchers in an experiment of scientific citizenship. Designed by the Interuniversity Centre Agorà Scienzait is part of the actions aimed at defining a new relationship between science and society, according to the goal of the so-called “University third mission”. 

Largely web-based, it makes use of the deliberative democracy tools to address actual scientific and technological topics of great social impact. The proposed activities makes the participants key players of the learning process, stimulating curiosity, creativity and critical thinking and creating a community of practice.

Scienza Attiva relates the scientific research and education environments. Students and teachers examine in depth the proposed topics both through the ad hoc learning materials and through an on-line discussion with researchers, who have the opportunity to disseminate their research work to an external public.

The web-platform is the virtual community where the main project phases take place. It is a sort of agorà in which different subjects debate, analyze their opinions, generate knowledge and share future prospects on the selected topics, which fit into high school curricula and are different edition by edition. The topics already addressed, selected because of their centrality to the contemporary scientific debate, are: Energy, Atmospheric pollution, Water, Energy and climate change, Stem cells, and Nanosciences

Scienza Attiva was started in 2009 thanks to the contribution of the Torino Province and, since 2012, it is held at a national level thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR).

On the 4th November 2014 the 6th edition of Scienza Attiva officially started, with a training day for teachers and some students’ representatives, organized in the Auditorium of the University of Torino. The training day was streamed live to allow teachers from all over Italy who have registered their classes to take part in the event.

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The 6th edition of Scienza Attiva will involve 265 classes from 103 High Schools coming from all over Italy. More than 5000 students, 250 teachers and 70 experts have joined the virtual Community of practice built by Scienza Attiva and are now ready to start working together.  To celebrate EXPO 2015, which will be hosted in Milan from May 1 to October 31, the topics will be those identified by the non-commercial Universal Exposition, looking at the complete theme of nutrition under the slogan “Feeding the planet. Energy for life”. 

To know more about Scienza Attiva (Active Science) visit www.activescience.eu

To see the web-platform specifically designed to host the project visit www.scienzattiva.eu